Patients share their experience with Bio-Identical Hormones

Brian discusses his results from Allergy Treament

Opiates not working for pain management, Cold Laser Therapy offers a solution

P-Shot testimonial

Cold Laser Therapy

Using Cold Laser Therapy to Help Children with Learning Disabilities

Our Michelle tells her story of the O-Shot

Platlet-Rich-Plasma and the clinical results.

Orgasm Dysfunction in women.

Minutes after the O-Shot

Dr. Leonardo explains the Priapus Shot (P-Shot): Erectile Dysfunction Treatment using PRP Therapy

Dr Gaskill discusses Cardiovascular Prevention

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Dr. Stacy Haynes & Dr. Charles Runels Discuss

P-Shot and O-Shot

Dr. Charles Runels discusses how the Priapus Shot can assist in the healing.

The Doctors television show discusses the O-Shot

Jill's experience with Bio-Identical Hormones

Dr. Gaskill at the Cleveland Clinic

Interstitial Cystitis

O-Shot/ Urinary Incontinence