According to the Cleveland Clinic, as many as 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction, with it affecting 40 percent of men age 40, and 70 percent of men age 70.

The P-Shot® is a natural ED treatment at our Johns Creek office that uses the same PRP technology as the O-Shot® and is very similar to the stem cell therapy used on injured athletes, such as Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. The procedure is simple with a numbing lidocaine cream applied to the penis; blood is drawn from the arm and put in a centrifuge; platelets are transferred into another tube with calcium chloride solution; platelets release growth factors into the tube; the resulting liquid is transferred and injected painlessly into the penis.

The P-Shot is a 45-minute PRP procedure at our Johns Creek office that can help men with:
• Inability to attain or maintain an erection
• Incomplete erection
• Diminished sexual stamina
• Loss of sensation in the penis
• Small penis size

The benefits of the P-Shot® are realized immediately, continuing to improve for up to 3 months and have been found to last up to 19 months. They include:

• Increased blood flow and circulation
• Effective ED treatment
• Improved sexual capabilities
• Boosted sexual stamina
• Greater sensation and pleasure
• Enhanced appearance
• Increased girth and length