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Long-hauler's / Post COVID Syndrome

Dr. Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D.

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Between 25% and 30% of people who’ve had COVID-19 experience long-hauler’s syndrome, which is characterized by a variety of symptoms like shortness of breath, altered taste and smell, and brain fog that lingers long after the initial illness has resolved. At Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., in Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners, Georgia, you have access to a team of medical professionals who can assess the lasting effects of COVID-19 on your health and offer the best treatment. Call the office or use the online tool to schedule your appointment today.

Long-hauler's / Post COVID syndrome

What is long-hauler’s syndrome?

Long-hauler’s syndrome is hard to define, but it causes lingering symptoms that resemble those experienced with COVID-19 — and sometimes much more. You continue to feel unwell for weeks and even months after the initial infection subsides.

Long-hauler’s syndrome can occur even if you had what seemed to be a mild version of the disease. Older adults and people who have pre-existing medical conditions are most likely to experience it, though predicting who will develop long-hauler’s syndrome is difficult.


What are the symptoms of long-hauler’s syndrome?

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 that continue to linger in long-haulers are:

  • Shortness of breath, especially with exertion
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Joint pain
  • Alterations in the sense of smell and taste
  • Chest pain

Less commonly, other issues, like headaches, rapid heartbeat, memory problems, sleep problems, rash, and hair loss, can occur. Symptoms of long-hauler’s syndrome can resemble those caused by the flu and other illnesses, so it’s essential to seek treatment and get tested to confirm your diagnosis.

Long-hauler’s syndrome can make it difficult to perform even daily activities, like house chores and grocery shopping. Returning to work and duties of daily life, like parenting, can be even more challenging.


How is long-hauler’s syndrome treated?

Because COVID-19 truly is a novel virus, a clear treatment plan for those with long-hauler’s syndrome hasn’t been created. At Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., the team recommends getting adequate sleep and exercise to help your bodily systems bounce back. Good nutrition, adequate hydration, and stress reduction can also help.

Long-hauler’s syndrome can also be characterized by other serious conditions that affect major organs, like your lungs, heart, and brain. Your blood vessels may also be seriously affected by COVID-19, putting you at risk of dangerous blood clots.

Long-hauler’s syndrome can also cause serious issues like swollen lymph nodes, crisis-level hypertension, irregular thyroid hormones, and anemia.

Dr. Gaskill uses treatments that are recognized by national institutions including some natural therapies. She has treatment plans tailored to each patient and has had fantastic results.

If you had COVID-19 and can’t seem to feel well again, call Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., to set up an appointment right away. You can also schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.