Autism Specialist

Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D.

Primary Care Physician & Holistic Medicine Specialist located in Peachtree Corners, GA & Johns Creek, GA

If your child struggles to act appropriately in social situations or has developmental delays, autism might be the reason. Leslie Gaskill, MD, at her eponymous practice in Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners, Georgia, helps connect individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to the appropriate professionals to help them thrive at work, school, and in social situations. Call Dr. Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., to schedule an appointment or book one online today.


What is autism?

Autism is a condition that often develops during childhood. It affects how a child’s brain develops and perceives other people and social situations. Autism often causes problems with social interaction, communication skills, and repetitive behavior patterns. While there’s no cure for autism, treatment can help people who have it make significant improvements.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Common signs and symptoms of autism include:

  • Repetitive behavior patterns
  • Poor eye contact
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Awkwardness in social situations
  • Lack of facial expressions
  • Social isolation
  • Few or no friends
  • Robot-like speech
  • Repeating words and phrases
  • Developmental delays
  • Rocking movements or hand flapping
  • Head banging
  • Prefers specific routines
  • Light, touch, or sound sensitivity

At the first sign of autism, see Dr. Gaskill and her team to get connected to the appropriate health care professionals.

What are the risk factors for autism?

The cause of autism isn’t clear, but some factors may increase your child’s risk for it. Examples include:

  • Family history of autism 
  • Older maternal age
  • Being a boy
  • Premature birth
  • Certain medical conditions

Kids with fragile X syndrome, tuberous sclerosis, Rett syndrome, and some other genetic conditions may have a higher risk of developing autism.

How is autism diagnosed?

To determine if your child has autism, a psychiatrist discusses their lifestyle, medical history, and symptoms. They complete a physical exam, developmental assessment to check for delays, and a psychiatric evaluation by asking your child a series of questions.

Psychiatry professionals observe their communication and behavior patterns and may have your child complete developmental screening activities. Dr. Gaskill ensures your child gets connected with the right resources to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

What are the treatments for autism?

There’s no cure for autism, but with Dr. Gaskill’s help your child can receive treatment from highly trained professionals.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy helps your child modify behavior patterns to better thrive in their environment, especially in social situations.

Communication therapy

Children with autism may benefit from communication or speech therapy to improve their interpersonal skills. 

Other therapies

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other types of therapies can improve overall functioning in kids and teens with autism.

Educational assistance

Children with autism often benefit from additional assistance at work or school. Dr. Gaskill can refer you to specialized programs as needed.


Medications don’t cure autism, but they may help reduce or better control symptoms linked with the disorder.


With the help of epigenetics, you can find out if your child has genetic tendencies for developing autism or other genetic disorders.

If you suspect your child has autism, contact Dr. Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., by calling her office or scheduling an appointment online today.