Physical Examinations in Johns Creek

When was your last physical? A comprehensive physical examination is imperative for preventative care and early detection of many of life's surprises.

This physical examination for Johns Creek patients provides a comprehensive diagnostic assessment from scientists and clinicians involved in the latest breakthrough discoveries in preventive care health science. Components include:

Full patient history
Complete family history with 2nd-degree relative analysis
Vaccination analysis
Extended one-on-one time with the doctor to discuss medical concerns
Age- and gender-specific physical exam

Diagnostic Testing

Personalized testing according to age, gender and family history, including:

Visual acuity
Color vision
Spirometry (lung & breathing analysis)
Hearing evaluation
Glaucoma pressure screening
Computerized medication review and compatibility check
Routine vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, height, weight, body fat, BMI)

Extensive Laboratory Analysis

Diabetes screening
Thyroid screening
Hormone screening
Mercury level
Cancer screening
Cholesterol screening
Cholesterol subcategories
Body chemistry
Advanced cardiac risk analysis
Vitamin D testing

Follow-up Support

Quarterly follow-up for preventative care by phone or e-mail to assess your progress.