Neuropathy Treatment

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Our mission is to dramatically improve the quality of life. Our patients are coming to us after being frustrated with the traditional treatments for neuropathy that utilize anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, steroid and cortisone injections, lidocaine patches and narcotics. This is NOT the approach that we take. If you are sick of the typical drugs for neuropathy pain.. we need to talk.

Neuropathy is often caused by chemotherapy, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, perscription drugs, toxic chemicals, trauma and other unknown causes.

Rather than just numbing the pain, we take an approach that allows treatment of root causes of this debilitating issue. We have great success treating all kinds of neuropathy with nutrition based, naturopathic remedies that include, tailored protocols with NAD IV therapy and retraining the nerves and bebuilding the nerve tissue. Treatments that retrain and regenerate the nerves are provided in the office and our patients are equipped with simple, yet proven home therapies.

This multiple pronged approach begins to show improvement in days, with some remarkable results reported by our patients. Many see the end result of regenerated nerves and restoration of normal sensation along with significantly reduced or eliminated neuropathy pain. These treatments also tend to help with balance that may reduce the debilitating falls that often occur in those with neuropathy.