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Celebrate Medicare & Medicare Supplemental!

Celebrate Medicare & Medicare Supplemental!

So you are turning 65? Did you turn 65 many years ago? Don’t let this get you down! Think of it as this. Get fired up! The old cheer song. Yes! Get fired up!

Think of MEDICARE as… 

More Educated Deliberate Individuals Caring About Radiant Enjoyment….of life 

These are the years that you have the opportunity to really be focusing on and working towards fine-tuning your health!  There are many easy steps to lowering your risk of developing any or more chronic disease states and cancers. Diet and exercise are the commonly known ones, but what about looking for inflammation and hidden nutritional deficiencies to name just two.

There are many tools and habits that can have a profound impact on health. It’s important to monitor your blood pressure, for example, at several different times throughout the day. Suppose it’s always elevated above normal when you wake up in the morning, and it’s only being monitored at lunchtime. The cumulative effect of that elevation in the morning is damaging to your heart and your kidneys and increasing risk for stroke and a heart attack.

Taking a cholesterol medication? There are key things to do in terms of helping to avoid untoward side effects and maximize the benefits. These things depend on each individual. That’s just it, we are individuals! What’s good for one individual isn’t always good for another.

Vitamin D needs to be optimized! A less than optimal vitamin D increases risk for cancers, strokes, heart attacks, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, depression, weight gain, and anxiety. Knowledge is power because we can then tailor both natural and/or pharmaceutical agents to match the patient’s genetics favorably. In terms of vitamins, it’s important to remember that there are fat soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, K.  It is important to get to your optimal level without getting toxic as fat soluble vitamins are not excreted in the urine like water soluble vitamins.  Too much of a good thing is just that … too much. 

The more we can educate you on your health and individualize your care, the better your chances are to live an energetic life. If not feeling well and not your best, this can hurt not only ourselves but our loved ones and others around us.

Have Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, post COVID or Long Covid, early memory problems, depression, anxiety, PTSD? Don’t despair. There are more things to help than you may be aware of. So, get fired up this coming New Year!  Don’t despair for turning “Medicare”! There are many newer things to do to lower your risk for both heart attack and stroke, autoimmune diseases, cancers, and sequel of COVID.

Yes! You heard that right. COVID is causing long term side effects in many patients. Long haulers or Post COVID, Long COVID is very real and serious, but there is hope! Another product of post COVID is blood clots in both the legs (DVT’s) and lungs (pulmonary emboli).

While patients may not be experiencing these things now, like mental challenges of anxiety, depression, and even dementia, there is an association between post Covid and developing these things. Yes, you heard that right as well. Post Covid or having had Covid can potentially trigger Alzheimer’s, disease, and other forms of dementia. It may trigger autoimmune diseases such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, or even cancer. Many patients experience cardiovascular symptoms such as heart, racing, vertigo, dizziness with headache. Some have developed chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of diarrhea, IBS, and constipation. Some patients experience lowered immune systems and are getting infections, more frequently and weakness and fatigue and lack of motivation, insomnia.

There are ways to help patients improve their immune systems and get rid of inflammation and lower the risk of developing these chronic disease states and cancers. Some patients are genetically more predisposed to develop these issues.  We cannot change our genetics, but we can tailor both natural and pharmaceutical products to a patient’s genetics.  There are new and proven things to help.

Do not despair. It’s important to look for inflammatory markers, and cautiously maximize vitamin and nutrient support. As far as genetics goes, certainly we cannot change our genetics, but running a few specific genetic tests, based on an individual’s chronic conditions or risks, gives us huge knowledge.

So get fired up! We are here to help at drlesliegaskill.comIf you’d like to know more about how we can help, please schedule an appointment at 770-495-9995. We specialize in chronic disease states, and we provide primary care also.

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