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Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. It can be very debilitating. It is imperative to seek help as soon as possible. There are a multitude of causes, symptoms and treatments. Treatments
need to be individualized and can include everything from uses of traditional western medicine remedies and/or naturopathic remedies of lifestyle changes, correction of metabolic imbalances, supplements, yoga, meditation, coaching counseling and more. A key question is finding the specific root causes of one's anxiety.

Even before Covid-19 our country was in a mental health pandemic, and this has exponentially increased since Covid19. Of note: patients who have had Covid and even the vaccines, are experiencing alarming amounts of anxiety. The bad news, anxiety is still continually on the rise. The good news is it can be very effectively treated. It is widely prevalent in all walks of life, all demographics and socioeconomic statuses. It is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about but something to accept as almost a new norm in our society with positive and effective ways to deal with it. It's imperative to seek help because while one may be rational today, tomorrow’s behavior could be irrational and flip someone into suicidal or homicidal tendencies.

Anxiety can manifest in different ways including social isolation, depression, trouble with activities of daily living such as sleeping, eating, personal hygiene, exercising, PTSD (trouble with managing the stress of a past traumatic event), panic attacks (heart racing, sweating, shaking), addictions such as drugs and alcohol, and pornography, video gaming, severe OCD, and generalized anxiety which involve persistent and uncontrollable worry. Anxiety can lead to depression and depression can lead to anxiety and hopelessness and hence suicide. Relationships at both home and work are affected and consequently job satisfaction and productivity.

The key to successful treatment is finding the root causes. It is very important to rule out other medical conditions including hormonal imbalances i.e., thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, etc. as well as ruling out nutritional imbalances in a patient prior to establishing a treatment and management protocol. Fortunately, access to help is facilitated with virtual as well as in-office visits.

Please seek help somewhere. We offer individualized care and coaching and medical therapy as well. We are one phone call away. We also offer group coaching where you can remain anonymous on a zoom call.

If you are interested call 770-495-9995 and refer to this blog. If you wish for individualized Life coaching and help, email at Otherwise, schedule a virtual visit through emailing an appointment request or calling.

Dr. Gaskill also works with parents and teens struggling from various psychosocial issues from divorce, addictive parents, school bullying, addictions, depression, and need for direction.

Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D. Dr. Gaskill is a traditional and holistic doctor with 26 years of experience treating teenagers and up. One of the many services that Dr. Gaskill specializes in includes the prevention of heart attacks and strokes as well as neuropathy and weight loss. She has the best track record in Atlanta of preventing heart attacks and strokes for those who have complied to her methods of treatment. She practices conventional and holistic medicine.

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